Pre-construction bathroom design service

Create & see your redesigned bathroom in 3D

What we do

HQR Design is a team of architecture designers & remodelers. Together, we create designs that accurately transfer aesthetic plans created by you the client & our designer into blueprints that remodelers use for construction.

The results - our clients & remodelers finish projects on schedule and the home turns out exactly as planned.

Pre-construction design package

Get a comprehensive look at your redesigned home

Dedicated project designer

You'll work with one dedicated 3D architecture designer from start to finish. They'll be your single point of contact when redesigning the layout of your home, selecting finish materials, & making changes. Once the 3D designs are complete, your dedicated designer will also work with the contractor of your choice to hand over the pre-construction designs.

Project layouts

To start off, we'll take your lead on how you want to remodel your homes layout. We then turn your ideas into a standardized set of plans which will later be used by your construction team & more detailed 3D renders.

Online 3D tour

Building on the layouts, we give you access to a 3D interactive model of your remodeled home. You'll be able to pan around and take a much closer look at the design of your remodeled home.

3D project images

We'll create multiple angles of your redesigned home in high definition 3D renders; we include every detail from finish materials to furniture. With this, you'll get a complete & accurate visual representation of your redesigned home.

List of materials used

Once the designs are complete, we'll provide you with a list of materials we used in the 3D renderings, where we recommend you find it, and any comments we left during our meetings.

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